Hurt, wounds...

It is not just one, there are many, one for each you

Wounds, Hurt

One for each absence

How much you? How much me? How much of us?

How much time and absence on this goodbye?

How much forgiveness?, how much pain in this perennial absence

In this daily oblivion

In this you do not exit

I do not see you

I do not hear you

I do not read you

I do not feel you

In this invisible me

In that visible, untouchable you

Lies and liars

A riddle of letters

Notes moving in a hurry

Empty contents

Blurred memories

Returns without a cure immortalizing forgetfulness

Absentmindedness that hurt and call

Forgiveness bringing more forgiveness

Escaping from unreality sumerged on red wine

Calm, silence, tenderness

Sordic silence of you

Irremediable uproar from me

Thinking in tomorrow

No, it was not the end

It was just the begining

Irremediable beginning without end

I am more you and more me

Beginning without darkness

Only lights of you and me.



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