How do you feel and what are you supposed to do now?

sometimes you dont know how you will feel,
sometimes you dont know how you will react,
sometimes you are so bottled up you dont know what to do,
sometimes you do things you didnt realize you did,
sometimes you feel like you are too confused,
sometimes you feel like you're in way over your head,
sometimes you don't know how to conquer things,
sometimes you dont know feel like your own self,
sometimes you don't know how to decrease something without it not being yourself,
sometimes you feel so self-concious,
sometimes you feel like there is no easy way to solve everything thats going on,
sometimes you want to run from everything,
sometimes you end up going somewhere when you're upset,
sometimes its like how to get from one point to another point,
sometimes you can feel like everything goes wrong in your life,
sometimes you feel like you get what you want or don't want,
sometimes you dont feel like you can deal with everything,
sometimes you feel like your lost and now have to solve it somehow,
sometimes you feel like your getting a lecture,
sometimes you feel like you have to watch more of what you're doing around people,
sometimes you feel like you have to do something that doesn't feel natural to you and you already dont feel like yourself, so where does this lead everything
do you go halfway of decreasing something
do you try to find a way to decrease one of your obstacles
do you try to figure out the hardest thing first or the easiest thing first
do you know where everything is going
do you feel like you need to run from it all
do you know what to do now
do you feel confused
do you feel broken
confusion, decisions, and situations
is that what life comes to
if it is where is it going
how do you decide
when someone tells you things to consider
how do you decide what to consider or what not to consider
maybe decide whats best and go from there
maybe you have no idea
maybe you need to think about it
sometimes it can feel like someone is stuck in your head of all their advice
sometimes it feels like you have so much pointless stuff in your head
sometimes it feels like you have more pointless stuff then what you actually need
sometimes things feel harsh or like critizements
but i guess you just have to take it
sometimes things feel like the words could have been nicer
sometimes things feel like great you told me that but that doesn't seem easy to solve or may makes you feel like now you have to pay more attention to everything you do
which its like great now i feel more self-consicious on top of everything
its like oh boy another thing added to my plate
maybe you feel frusturated
maybe you feel upset
life isn't easy
life can be hard
sometimes people wonder where this is all coming from
but maybe the inspiration is from stuff that is going on in your life
maybe from someone
maybe its not just from someone
maybe it could be from many things
sometimes you got to give a girl slack
sometimes you just need to see where she is coming from
sometimes you just need to ask why
sometimes she doesn't know why
sometimes she may be not ready to tell you why
sometimes you just got to wait
sometimes she need to think about it
sometimes she may need to consider it
only time will tell the results
just give her time
maybe the one person doesn't know why you feel like you're going to cry
maybe its just hard to pretend eveything is fine and dandy for so long
i mean if you have been pretending it is for like 3 to 5 days now
then maybe its easier to cry
maybe you are more sensitive to everything
maybe its easier when you know you aren't yourself
maybe you have no idea why
maybe this says more then you thought it would
maybe someone has to be reading between the lines
maybe how acted and didn't realize what i did tells you something is up with me
maybe sometimes things look bad now
but maybe it will get better
maybe sometimes it just needs to be brighten up
like a cloudy sky to a sunny day
maybe things look down
maybe people don't know the whole thing that is going on
maybe they don't know how to explain
maybe they have no clue
good things come
good things go
but as long as you find something happy and good it be better for you
friends come
friends go
but if they are really a good friend, they will stick with you no matter what
especially when it matters most


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