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Those eyes Peering straight into my soul No matter what always glad always love filled Thank you
Trust. Must be earned! Must be showed! Must be given! Chances are taken. Trust is Proven. Trust is Kept. Connection forms. Bonds Last! FOREVER, Never Broken!
You And me Were best friends And that was eternal We shared love and affection And shared smiles, happiness and sorrows One day boisterous wind finished this friendship
Since the moment of our existence, this is what we feel.   Taking our first breath and thus, we shed our first tear.  
O' how cruel mine own heart be! It cares not if my head forbids It to love so as to not be twain in half again.
My sore feet walk over the cobblestone and all I can see my dream ahead as I take one step at a time. London's bridge came falling down. While others drowned, over the edge I climbed.
It seems so easy to say that you are happy To smile and be filled with glee But me, I wonder how we can make it last forever. That is a mystery. My mind it thinks the keys to life 
Once you fought the life you had And your soul burned bright  Then you fought against those who pushed you
You amaze me every day. And I still get butterflies when you call. I'm so happy to be your baby. I'd never think of leaving you at all. I haven't felt so free 'til I felt the love you've given me.
How are you still here? Jon, how are you still here through all my pain and all my tears, through all of the fears I've laid out right before you? I delved into my heart and rambled on
She never gave up on me,even when I deserved it. She stood by me and protected me. I love her for it unconditionally. The woman who sacrifices her heart and her soul to always make sure my life feels whole.
We were created in an image, an image that looked like God. To walk like HIM, talk like HIM, and love even the smallest frog. He gave us the essentials that connected to give us life,
You are the moon that brightens my night You are the sun that brightens my day You are mine, and only mine. Is all this love? Maybe so. Is it a dream? I hope not. You and I must make a stand
One Autumn day, I stumbled upon A small leaf in a tree As red as an ember, as yellow as the sand The leaves all around Were floating to the ground Yet this leaf This one little leaf
What is an 'if' What is a 'what' The same as an 'as' Yet different than an 'an'
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