2014 To Be Heard Scholarship Slam

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The icy touch of fear travels through my spine Thoughts of what is to come eats away at my bones A monster rips apart my skin like paper with teeth like daggers
A vulnerable creature eats grass undisturbedAs a prowling beast sits behind the bushesWaiting ever so quietlyFor the perfect moment to strike Magical peaks in the skyVast oceans of lifeRolling hills of greenBeautiful mounds of snow An instinct to
Time is merely a vision of a nonexistent reality. We are constrained by the clutches of time. Time is in all the places we seek and around all the corners we turn.
I creep through my house In middle of a stormy night I am on the hunt for a glass of milk But little do I know I am the prey
  Waiting for time to pass Staring at a half empty glass Who is right Who is wrong No one has the answer
There you are black dog reaching far from among the fog Be with me black dog let me rub you on the head oh black dog you have kept me at your side black dog has followed me around for so long
"The horror, the horror!" They cry; yet what does it matter? They hide their faces even as the world Did THEN.
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