You tell me that you love me.
Why don't you stop with these lies?
You tell me you don't want to hurt me.
If that's so, why, why?
Why would you break my heart?
That is not the worst part.
You scramble to pick up the pieces that fell.
Only to break them more, take a look at yourself.
Someone who loved you, who wouldn't bring harm your way
Has been pinned against the wall, with no words left to say.
Someone who wanted to marry you and take you away
Has been smeared, by pain, on the roadway of shame.
My suffering is quiet and dull; I'm so used to it.
Your love is void and null, but I'd never abuse it.
There are dams in my eyes, water don't flow.
When I move, it's through honey, real slow.
You're no better than previous thieves of my love.
You were suppose to be an angel, a gift from above.
You coo those words: I love you, and I can't tell.
If it was painless or if it hurt when you crawled out of hell.
Though I hate you, I hate you so.
When I think of others, it's you I wanna hold.
Though I get sick when I think of you and what you caused,
I yearn for the alleged "love" I had and lost.
I can't forgive you; it's not in me to do.
Although I can resist you, I simply don't want to.
My feet are on the ground, the sky is still blue,
But something is making me lifeless. It's the loss of you.
You have taken away my strength too many times.
I hate you, I do. These are not lies.
I will never let myself be a toy in your hand.
I'll never let you have me again.
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