dark romance

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Release me from my cage. Lonely, I sit here filled with rage. Do you enjoy seeing your prey aroused at the sight of you?  Of course, you do!  
I hear her singing in the night. A somber melody, my heart’s delight. But when I rise to see her face She disappears without a trace. A shimmering tail amidst crashing waves. The Siren’s song that I so crave.
I found a snowfall kind of boy One who just silences the world,  when he comes around.   It takes a delicate touch to keep a snowflake   I cannot say That  have such a touch
He knew he had lost her when she quit returning his messages when she quit striving to protect him when she stopped sneaking smiles at him when she stopped stealng glances at him in the halls
If you knew the things you do me, You wouldn't get enough of me. 'Cause no matter what, I'll always stay. Take me, babe. Make me your sex slave.   I like your very vibrant mind.
My American psycho likes to kiss. My American psycho likes me to be his. My American psycho needs me to love him. My American psycho is so stupid.   He has a dark, dark soul.
You tell me that you love me. Why don't you stop with these lies? You tell me you don't want to hurt me. If that's so, why, why?   Why would you break my heart?
Your mind is an ocean, wide and wavering. Your voice is a drug that I find myself savoring. You are made up of something more than cells and body parts.
  Your Flesh as pure as winter snow I drag my hands against your skin To see if you possess a soul I pine for you with bloody lips Your breath upon me cold and damp I lose your grip as I inhale
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