Happiness Doesn't Exist..


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Smiling when you feel like crying
Laughing when you feel like dying
Loving when you feel like hating
Apologizing when you've done nothing wrong
It's always the same thing
Like a repetitive song
Soon your smiles begin to fade
Your laughter dies away
You get trapped in yourself
And there's no way out
They ask if you're okay
And all you can do is nod and say
"I'm fine."
"I'm just tired."
When really,
It's just a lie
It's a cover up on how you feel
Because just like Barbie
Your friends aren't real
They'll put your business in the street
Have all the kids calling you: Freak
You'll wonder what you did wrong
And suddenly you wouldn't feel so strong
You'd lose yourself completely
And wonder why you ever tried
You'd take your life in a heartbeat
Thinking your life was a lie
And no one would ever know
That you were never alive


crystal Jazmine Luna

wORD .. I love the realness


Thank you !

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