The Gorgon

Thu, 04/25/2013 - 23:51 -- tmoff18

I am the dog that pulls the mandrake,
a choice that isn't mine.
A worm upon His hook;
freedom only comes with time.

I'm the Will o' the Wisp;
Never here, forever there.
I'm an invisible wall of
thick, stagnant air.

I'm the singing silence,
drenching newly vacant space.
I'm the slowly dripping water
on the reborn sinner's face.

I'm a portrait of Medusa;
a gorgon striking fear.
Need only look into my eyes,
feel in your bones that I'm not near.

I'm a webless spider
with my hues all shining bright;
blink for just a moment,
I'll be gone into the night.


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