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She’s tired all the time lately and her head is always cold  She just wants to sleep but everything is uncomfortable or aching 
Through tears, Through the months, Through the pain, I wait. Many feel sorry, Many stare, Many judge, But they don't get me. Pain is a hurdle, Pain is a challenge,
Sometimes the hardest thing is not being sick. Watching the world drag by from a second story window, too far away for anyone to notice, too separated for anyone to care.
2:15 am It started as a cold. A small cough without any other symptoms. a difficulty to breathe. a hurt. I believe that it will just go away. This small illness I had inside would just slowly vanished without any consent. 
Do you see the tears that pour down their faces? Watching their loved ones die Its no way to live, why not cry? We see it in their eyes: the weakness, the terror. To borderline death is no way to survive.
Something isn't right,  this feeling I feel. I see no sight, but this is real.   This insane pain, is something I can't handle. I hide away in shame,
Alone, not wanted by anyone Feelings of love no longer entwine my heart. I am on the brink of chaos, destruction, hopelessness. Darkness swirls around me Clouding my hopes, my dreams.
I am the dog that pulls the mandrake, a choice that isn't mine. A worm upon His hook; freedom only comes with time.
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