i feel weak

like i’ve been too tired to sleep

my worries go unmatched & unmet

but i ain’t tryna sound upset

i just wanna be all the things you need

it’s not easy & i’m feelin sleazy

whenever i plead with you to drop me a clue

just one fuckin scooby snack

& i promise i’ll pack my shit and get up out of here

get up out of your hair

please, shaggy, i’m lost

& it’s costing me my happiness

your mystery is just too hazardous

i keep coughing & chokin on the smoke

you’ve been using to soothe your mind,

but where the fuck is mine?

& why should i be lyin about how it aches

i know you ain’t hatin but i’m gettin the shakes

cuz you keep me waitin, standing by the sidelines

& starin as you unwind from the core

& all the shit you’ve swallowed starts to pour

it’s goddamn unfortunate that we can’t be alone

without distractions like a fuckin’ cell phone

put down the device & take some advice

if you feel like playin nice for once in your miserable life

it’s all gonna be



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