What can you expect me to do? After always telling me I'm so little, so few. I'm never enough, not for you. All I'm looking for is another answer, something new. But that will never happen will it? Even when you say never say never you only live to see the day I kick it. Would you care if I chose to fly away just so I could never see you again, I'm already so high. Once I get to the top there's nowhere left to go; you can't tell me no. Although I know somewhere deep inside you must care, so lets be fair. Please? I deserve to be free. Never again to be in this knee deep quick sand, sinking into misery. I'm standing here plea by plea just to find that I'm nowhere to be seen. I've faded into the darkness, lost in this emptiness, to only feel this numbness, of the years of suppression, as if battling depression wasn’t ever enough. But then I remember you have no limits, nothings ever enough; not for you. However I'm here now to rise above your oppression, to fight this depression, and prove to be an impression of strength and good will.  I will find power in God and he will devour my past, my shame, and my regrets.  I will rise above and fly away. Flying high and free. Free from the thoughts that haunt my mind and taunt me in the wrong direction. I'll be free from al these things but most of all, I'll be free from you.


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