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Listen to me.   You are  worthy.   No matter what.   I promise, even if you never looked like this by choice, it doesn't matter, you are
I’ve found my tribe Finally, finally, finally After years of girls with Perfect hair, endless happiness   Look at them go, look at them
They say that it’s an addiction, An impartial accusation, Blame best left with the man in the moon   But Hell hath no flame Hotter than lust   Steam rising up Breath heaving out  
Air that breathes in life
Air that breathes in life
No one seems to understand How amazing it is To turn a word Into an idea And an idea Into a possibility
Don't let your troubles get you down
Everything is awesome when it comes to living life But not everything is awesome when it comes to life Everyday life is faced with problems and circumstances So let me speak my mind in just a couple of stanzas
Snakes curling around my ribs Shifting and twitching, forming my cartilage Wringing the air from my lungs The breath curling out of my mouth in the same way water falls from a cloth Eyes closed and lips curled
I searched so hard and I could never seem to find a single meaning. To what life was, or how it began. As I was walking a dusty trail, untill the dust be past. No answer here to soon be found, how long the days will last.
Hey you! Yeah, you! Loser! Freak! Slut! Geek!   Are you the girl with the long hair, The long-sleeved shirts and empty stare, Who cuts herself 'cuz no one cares?
Why have we given up on the little things? Shooting stars that filled our hearts with magic. Classic rock that filled our minds with madness. Now we spend more cash to spend more time on our asses.
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