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“Outcasts are unwanted,” we often praise But do we try to understand how they are living their days? Ridiculed, taunted, just jokes to make you laugh things to make you forget about the quiet you don’t have.  
I’ve found my tribe Finally, finally, finally After years of girls with Perfect hair, endless happiness   Look at them go, look at them
NOT NEEDED   I came in this world as a reject. No one wanted me and no one needed me.  But then one day.... That one day.  I found an outcast kind of like me. 
Every dayIt's like they're embarrassed and ashamed.Like they don't want anyone to knowAbout my existence, and that takes a toll.
There they go making plansTo meet up and celebrate as friends.They talk to one another like I'm not there.I'm just an invisible nothing with no one who cares.
How can I cease to be The person that is me For when I look in the mirror,what do I see? I see a girl that society is breaking, I see a girl that society is making. A girl that yearns to stand tall,
I am making mistakes Bumping down the road without a break, Binging on food so that  I can be in a bettter mood. I am the rock in the leather jacket, Standing against the gate looking cool
Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain She longs to tug on the fabric, to pull it miles away She hides so that her mold matches that of society So that she won’t be seen for her flaws and mistakes  
From my youth, I recall thoughts and wishes Of my life being as the wind that swayed the trees. It didn’t hide its true self behind something fictitious It was powerful, beautiful, and noticeable, just as I wanted to be.
  Over the years I've lived through a lot of things; Over the years I've been a lot of people, So many that I lost myself.   Sometimes I look,
This goes to the people that think life's not worth living,
Wildwose and rider And drowsy nightingale. Bird in scrubby bushland Letting sleep prevail. Bellerophon  robber Pegasus did take Horsefly was his ruin Wanderer did make.
She plays with her hair like always, not even a nervous habit, just an everyday habit since she's always nervous.
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