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The house with a red roof near the lake, A dainty sight to behold. The sun's rays sparkle off the lake, A peaceful village to behold.
luck is a matter of luck Laughing at someone's luck is someone's cry To live in someone's luck, someone has to die,
Loneliness, Emotional pain, walks with us through the day,
My whole life is a literary device, metaphorically speaking. Carefully measured syllables and word count, how to say just enough without saying too much.
I have to rise to mountains again to where the eagles pierce the sky to hear the wolves howl before life passes me by  
The baby was born, at age one the baby smiled and ran, she didn´t see how her father secretly had a devil horn, her little legs took her everywhere she wanted to go to explore as fast as she can,  
Figment and The Writer   A young writer looked down With a frown and a sigh than Suddenly with a push and a pull The words leaped up as the main character
I see and I reach, but I miss I think and try, but I fail Refusing to admit this  as a way to bail.    Not knowing what to call this,
I see and I reach, but I miss I think and try, but I fail Refusing to admit this  as a way to bail.    Not knowing what to call this,
I was once told, To dream a new dream To think I could have anything I want But just for a second For that one second 
Your life is a drop  A drop in the ocean  The ocean that's filled with waves  Waves of hardness and sadness  The little drop will soon become a wave  A wave filled with experience 
I’m already a misfit out of place  The one you just can’t seem to embrace  Not because I’m bad or because I’m good  I can’t be pegged in the way you think I should 
They hate my because im me always. They hate me because im content being inna house alone without one that stays. They hate me because they see im able to hold my own. They hate me because i have my own home ?
Be a leader do what's right. Be a leader shine in your own sight. Be a leader dont wish to be like them they will take you straight to hell. Be a leader making the right choices knowing they'll never fail...
Wait for the right man Wiat for him to ask you for his hand ( in marriage) Wait for all things to fall into place Wait for God to show you , your fate Wait for your prayers to be answered talk to the holy ghost
I move on now with a smile on my face, With Godly love and faith the real type of love that cant be erased. Looking on to my new life and whats ahead of me today,
Live days like it was your last. Never dwell upon the past. Be apart of the action because life ends fast. Be young forever, never say never. Because never holds you back forever.
Life   Life is facing the day through good and bad, life is facing your fears, how? Look fear in the eye and say “SCREW YOU!” life is hard, life is complicated, life is weird,life is hell.
We can live with either life or with death. If you live one way you die the other. If you die to one you live with the other. Too often a distortion is placed on what this life may be.
Vantablack merges into the newly discovered dark.Where it dances in reverberation,Gallivanting cryptic thoughts,Halting the predestined fortune. Corruption waivers through, rippling the pallid illumination.Merelyy enticing re=compensation,abolishi
I have been through so much.It is amazing I made it through.Lessons I have learned.I am shocked I pulled through.
I'm feeling trapped inside. Nowhere to go Nowhere to hide. They say we must abide by the rules. Does this mean we are all trapped too?  Soon I'll slowly start to crack.
The future is fraught with danger and delight. Of things that will come and of things that only might.  All that is determined by what we do tonight.  By the choices we make, be them wrong or right. 
The desert is full of itCoarse and rough gritTo the naked eye, blandThey just say its "sand". We must let go, disbandThis archaic word in handMust retire, set on fireSand to glass, I desire!
Everywhere I look around craving inspiration wanting to make good use of myself Left Right Up Down Where can it be found ? The smaller elements in this extravagant life makes a difference
  Months used to feel like a portion of the year and years used to feel like a portion of your life.  Now months hardly even feel like weeks and years hardly even feel like months..
Life... what is it? well, let’s think about that for a minute    They say “life is what you make it” yea, life is really somethin but, get this... against our will
Roses are red Violets are blue Time flies by and so will you Dreams will die Regrets you'll feel Tic and Toc the time wont stop Close your eyes And count to ten Maybe this time ill let you win
Life can be amazing.  Or it could be blazing.  Like a storm of depression. Or we can start the next session. We can be smiling.
It’s a good thing there is a such thing as family Because family makes everything better It’s less lonely with them And you’ve a place to go
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