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Figment and The Writer   A young writer looked down With a frown and a sigh than Suddenly with a push and a pull The words leaped up as the main character
Beyond the mountains I want to see Deep inside the sea I want to peak Something calls me to know more This yearning inside grows I want to stand up and look above the skies Like a bird I want to fly
In the light of the lamp creatures come and go, Passing from pen to page in its eerie glow. Far off places full of castles and kings, Places where the world is happy and sings. Sings it does of the wonders of old, 
You keep coming I kept running Love is demanding But not stranding No one is commanding But notwithstanding Let go handing And say no to disbanding We can be expanding I remain standing
The wind whistles  And the music howls Through the mountains And up a breeze Following the glowing fire  Catching sparks that sputter
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