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                                                Anybody, who is struggling, Is my people The one with the color purple, Who will one day earn and own the ring.
You're on an endless quest of seeking individuality All while trying to contain your fucking sanity. Which is pretty hard when the world's against you. And no one gives a shit about what you been through.
War; war never changes People do When the stakes are high We must see them through We are soldiers in our on light The struggles we face, the wars, the fights Then why must we fight acknowledging risk
Fighter Put on those gloves and I feel the power surge.  I feel the lightning in my veins. I hear the thunder in my heart. I become stronger with every drop of sweat. I become faster with every breath.
A song for the brokenhearted. The battered, The bruised. A song for the scared. The trembling, The timid. A song for the fighters. The determined, The brave.
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