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Society says You’re not sick; you’re just fine Society says that you don’t need help That you don’t know pain That you’ve never felt The way it is to have to ask Am I dying?
Some of you have never had to Walk home with your head on a swivel Your hands clutching keys Your head filled with fear Some of you Have never had to wonder If you’ll make it home in one piece
Nobody is okay But maybe thats okay for now because We are not by ourselves.
Feel the presence of the wondering spirits, the lost loved ones Taste the saltiness of the raging sea Feel the earth churning beneath you feet The grass and leaves, crumbling
Grab the outstretched hand. Take it now. You never know when your strength will give out. Believe.
I try to live my life as you see fit  To be the person you want me to be and not who I desire to be  My heart yearns for freedom my unspoken words dig into my flesh 
Stuck fighting a battle that's not her own
You can never be betterYou will never do betterYou don't deserve betterThat's what I tell myself everydayI look in the mirrorDisgusted with my appearanceFull of regret from the decisions I've made
When it's gotten so hardThat you scream upon deathTo take you away from this miserable placeAnd you cry because no one can even noticeThat your crumbling insideThat your shattering into pieces
The decisions she's made lurk behind her like a predator and it's preyShe's never known where she belongedShe's never known what to sayHer voice weak in the crowdsShe cannot speakShe cannot be heard
A girl that runs away from her fears  She is not weak  She is alone  Walking this earth with no hand to hold She stares up at the stars and the moon
The beginning is long gone and the end is near  Running with no doubts in her mind but she still runs with fear With her heart in her left hand and her mind in the other 
Have you ever felt
Love travels through the wire, Making way to each person in need
You're on an endless quest of seeking individuality All while trying to contain your fucking sanity. Which is pretty hard when the world's against you. And no one gives a shit about what you been through.
Saying good bye is never easy, It's actually pretty painful, It is something that will never really settle, Like a piece of you is missing, But you got to keep your head up high,
  Like a sheep overlooked by a shepherd, I am always being watched. Even in the privacy of my mind, Someone is judging my thoughts. The whole Godhead dwells within me, So never am I alone.  
i guess i am lost i cant really  focus on the passing faces it doesnt really matter because i guess i am lost i reach the staircase shoulder to shoulder we stand my mind drifts, i become a soldier
Not one man is ever alone, weather you like it or not you will always be part of something greater in your life, it may be bad, it may be good, it may do nothing for you now or affect the present world,
Fighter Put on those gloves and I feel the power surge.  I feel the lightning in my veins. I hear the thunder in my heart. I become stronger with every drop of sweat. I become faster with every breath.
A song for the brokenhearted. The battered, The bruised. A song for the scared. The trembling, The timid. A song for the fighters. The determined, The brave.
I know one day you'll have to go and that's the day that I will know, that you'll be under heaven's apple tree looking down and watching over me. I'll miss you and you'll miss me, so I'll dream of our apple tree
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