Faith Hope and Freedom


Have you ever woke up and felt like you were dreaming? Like you couldn't get up? You were stuck? Your life turned into a nightmare your emotions you wear as they tear at your soul you don't feel whole in world with no freedom but once you find hope, you won! You're free! From the addictions you use to cope to feel that emptiness, when its happiness you seek. If there's one thing I could tweak... it would be to speak, speak of my pain that's caused me to be insain and turned my life into a 51/50. Meditate? I ain't no hippie. Spill my soul to people I dont know? I think you're crazy and your sight a little hazy... Now I tell myself, self you can take it as it is or complain like he is. I strapped on my belt for this emotional melt and found my soul to be clensed. I focused my lense to see things clearer. GET READY WORLD CUZ YOU GONE HEAR HER! As I spread my wings, my heart sings "Faith, Hope, Freedom rings" . I answer the phone all I hear is a dial tone. Bipolar is no longer on the other side. I've found my natural balance, bipolar's now on my side and I'm in charge of this ride.


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