Two faced

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There was a time where seeing you felt like home.  I wasn't in love with you, nor am I now, But you were as my brother, I tried giving you a home, a family, 
Somedays, I lay next to you to fill the void. Other days, I sit against you, wondering where I went wrong. Most days, I breathe in your existence, bask in your beauty and adore your beautiful, everchanging, raw soul. 
You think no one tells me, You think I'll never see, You think I don't have a silent plea,
Come in, sweet friend! Speak to me in calm whispers as I study the kindness in your heart.  Your brown eyes fade from my memory as you slip the knife into my back. I learn there is none.
To some A friendly gathering Is but A show In which they can dress up In masks and costumes To share those lines  
I used to sleep with Gum in my mouth It could actually kill Instead of keep you clean   But to clense myself I Was baptized Until I felt drowned.   Now I sleep with a toothpick
Maybe it’s better I go back into the whole that I came from. I scream and someone right in front of me sees only a smile. I cry and people laugh along with clueless intent.
Forever shall we be together. Until the last breaths are drawn. Complete in one another. Kindred are our spirits. Yearning hearts pulled together. Out of our control. Undying is our love.
I Am Two Faced. I wish nothing more than for the people around me to get along. I wish even more for my friends to be without any drama. But that will never happen.
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