a list of happiness

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The healthiness shoudln't have to be forced,  it shoudl come naturally, like how you both met eachother naturally. One shoudln't have to ask for respect,  it should just be know to give it,
2016 came around Basketball dominated my mind. It gave me joy I had found It was my last season I was sad for it to end, and for a good reason It was my passion, it gave me life
An escape from everything Away from the hatred of the world Away from the terrors of the world Away from the hypocrites of the world To feel good is to feel happy Find happiness and you shall feel peace
 An escape from everything // Away from the hatred of the world // Away from the terrors of the world // Away from the hypocrites of the world // To feel good is to feel happy // Find happiness and you shall feel peace.  
There are more than a few things Which I am pleased about, that wash away my stormy days, and cleanse me of my doubt.   Sometimes they are big things and sometimes they are small
My mind is what some may call dark despite my efforts to brighten the dull cluttered space that I have created inside my brain it remains somber and dark,
It's another one of those days When I'm ready to lock myself down and let the tears pour from my eyes due to the many reasons School Money College
              Tomorrow will come and this day will be over This day that seemed ever so endless will end  The skies are getting darker  Tomorrow will come Today will be yesterday  tomorow 
Life. Life is such a wonderful thing, don't you think.   Everyday it puts  a smile on my face. Not jus any ordinary smile. No! A dancing in the rain  with your best friend smile.
Tribulation is finite   Seing my loved ones In good spirits Full of light   My little brothers Full of time In all their innocence In their prime   Makes malevolence 
The quiet that whispers as the sun peeks good morning One sweet stretch and a soft breath to reset The smile of stranger, perhaps a friend I haven’t met That handwritten note – the warmth of words soothes from the page
When the going gets going And the tough gets tougher, I need something there to help me to muster   The means to get up, thankfully I got just that They help me out when I reach a small spat
Listening to my grandma's anecdotes of when she was young. Taking some time alone pondering about memories of the past. Dancing and singing to my favorite song  when no one is home.
Maybe we'll find each other again At a coffee shoppe or at a bar with happiness or a broken heart Tempting to start again, with a hello Or leaving with the memories, with a goodbye
People tell me that I should write a "happy" poem
confidently, evidently,getting smarter through my mistakes, cutting down, to climb a rank, i just sometimes take my time and thank, the ones that help me out, respecting my every move, so its solute to you.
Everything is awesome and you have to believe it
Recall the days, not long ago, When you were but a pup, And all the world was marvelous, Nowhere to grow but up.   With each new dawn came new delights, To learn, to act, to feel;
The first sip of coffee in the morning when you wake up The butterflies in your stomach before your first date Listening to your favorite song on full blast As you dance around the room when no one is watching  
Everything is not Awesome Everything is Awesome, I got fired from work today My dog’s puppies where born on this present-day, I got yelled at by my predecessor He loves me because he is my ancestor,
Your dark blue eyes deeper than the sea.
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