The wind beats me down
And gets me so dried up
That a simple movement
Puts more cracks into my skin.

The water beats me down
And I’m nothing
There’s nothing left to revive itself 
And then after my structure is disassembled
The water tried to drown me.

I beat myself down. 
And nobody will know why, what or how
Even I don’t have complete answers
To the questions that crackle like a raging bonfire

The scorching orange bits fly up
Like a flammable pixie dust 
But in an instance 
Disappear into thin air.
Once so bright,
Being spit out by the flames consuming the firewood, 
Then there’s nothing. 
And the fire dies down.

And the wind blows me away 
Drying out my eyes so tears are nonexistent
And the water drowns me out

But I’ll make it to my own kind of shore.


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