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Do you ever Stop To think of the characteristics In a red rose flower?   Beautiful Palette of reds Silk Petals Positive phototaxis To the wondrous scent.  
This day came to a young man. A man said to be the apple of gods eye. But He couldnt understand why why why then why i am HERE! I have devoted my life since I was 15 to this I knew I needed to change the world. But the world Rejected me so cold.
Einstein may have once said"Everyone's a genius.But if you judge a fish byIt's ability to climb a tree,It will live its whole lifeBeleiving that it's stupid." There's more truth than you think to that.
I find, make, fix, and break things, all for fun. It’s my joy, my passion. I’m not normal. Enjoying learning the way things work, the way I work. Helping people one invention at a time.
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