Enabling Me

Empty thoughts have no sense of fulfillment

My aspirations, desires, and concerns

Fill in the empty spaces that cause me

To provoke, ponder, and practice

Every aspect of life

Every aspect of humanity

Every aspect of myself

If these empty thoughts built a foundation

I would be nothing

A shell, a skeleton and skin

If these empty thoughts took control

I would go nowhere

Static and without interest

If these empty thoughts didn’t exist

My mind would coexist

With new ideas, greater knowledge, and persisting curiosity

Don’t strip me

Deny me

Restrict me

To theses empty spaces…empty thoughts

Enable me

To fill this emptiness in my head with the ability to

Aspire, Desire, and show Concern

Enable me

To feed this emptiness with

Ideas, Knowledge, and persisting Curiosity

Because once unable

I become empty…a shell

That has left behind imprints of fulfilled thoughts

On paths that define what I’d lived for


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