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Mystery is draped around her like a cloak, Or perhaps a burial shroud. It darkens her heart and burdens her soul.  The sky has heard her screams.  "I AM PROTECTING THEM,"  She cries. It's lies. 
What the hell man?I gave you my heart, And you crushed it in your hand. You tore it apart.
You tell me I'm unique and they say I'm a freak. Excuse me, sir; but who gave any of you permission to speak?
        the wind blew through my hair as cars below whizzed by. he held my hand and was looking in the same direction as i, out on the free way, mere feet away rom where we stood.
To hear, if only I could hear. To hear those words so soft and fruitful. To hears suchwords when I am youthful. Time goes by and so does this rhyme, but riddle me this,
What have you done to us? You mock me so. You look at me  As if you are god judging upon his little children. How dare you? How dare you speak to me like that? I am not your ribbon
(poems go here)Freak they say Freak they chant, Well, I am that freak   I am the book worm in the corner I am the quiet one in the class I am the one who eats alone.   I like my books,
Freakishly tall, Freakishly short, Freakishly skinny, Freakishly Fat There’s no escaping it because you are the freak show You, alone, is where it’s at “Step on up to see this thing!” they shout
In a deep dark forest, there is a caravan of traveling strangers Hosting a creepy carnival, with many possible dangers
All the talent in the world won’t save you if you are ugly! You try to have confidence But the moment you stand, you are beaten! You aren’t loved! You aren’t worthy!
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