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Why celebrate a day as the Daughter's Day? For me every day is a Daughter's Day Can you imagine a home without a daughter? A house becomes a home that has a daughter If a home is the human body daughter is the heart
  If i could get the single chance  I’d have a word or two with Hades  I would tell it to him clear and straight  About my thoughts on how he made these  Impacts on much other stories
Paint me a world where girls sustain from mirrors, where love is not weakness, and forgiveness is not taken for blame.
You make the world come alive You are the inspiration for nations to strive You are the queens behind the victorious sovereign You are the prosperous to us, you are God's blessing
Her bones have been  broken she has been scarred but she still carries on. She has lived a full life and has helped and learned others to find their worth, yet she still doesn't know her worth.
  Dear Hip Hop and Rap and other types of music that were traps for what I thought was a good beat but ended up being everything but that.  
Dear Women of the 20th Century,    Women you are stronger then this  Women don’t let men down-size you  When you have all the qualifications but they turn you away Be soft as a rock 
You painted a world so bright, Right in those beautiful cinnamon eyes; Lumining the glow of starry summer nights. You had a sweet innocence in everything you dreamt about,
The W(a)(e)ighting Game   Wait or weight  Which will I choose  Shall I choose to wait while my Prince Battles a Dragon’s fumes
Momma said when it comes to my subject matter Always speak the truth on real subjects that really matter  When I'd be in pain she'd always ask baby what's the matter
Why can’t you see me for exactly who I am? not a sexualized being but an artist with expression that runs deeper than lust,   not as simply a black girl but a woman rich with history
It started long ago in the Garden of Eden Some say it was paradise, I only recall a mirage. It seems impossible but I know I’ve seen His majesty shining golden. I remember He formed me from another’s appendage
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