Darken The Room.

Darkness is to me,

Like demons are to Hell.

My cold and lonely residence

Kept hidden in this shell.

"I'll teach you how to smile", they say

"I'll teach you how to shine.

I'll teach you how to love,

The little things in life."

But my lungs scream in the silence.

My head fills with liquid filth.

How can I see happiness,

When I'm downing in this silt?

I ask my Demons questions,

"What's it like to hope?"

They say, "we do not know,

and now neither will you.

You've got us for company,

A razor blade, or noose."

"But I don't want them," I say.

They laugh and jest at the truth.

"Well, too bad darling

we're all that's in this room.

your stuck with us for always,

like gum on the bottom of your shoe."

Now I'm growing tired of having-

Darkness for a home.

I wish that I could find the door.

And leave the Demons to their song,

"Darken the room" they scream.

"Darken the room."

"Darken the room" they scream.

"Darken the room."

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