drinking and driving

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This poem is about how a close friend getting in a fatal car accident inspired me to raise awareness for the dangers of driving under the influence.  Just one, I have to drive home
“Just a Dream” Sophie Burchill   When I was young I knew I was going to be an artist.   Someone who took their craft seriously
Driving can be fun, But not if you are done. Driving and booze do not mix As impairing brains does not fix. You think you do not matter? It pays to not create pancake batter.
You ran wildly through fire. Mesmerized by the flame,     I ran too. For the shadow that never left my side,   I'd die too. Caught in the crossfire again,
It’s one a.m. The party is slowly fading down, You can feel the alcohol coursing through your veins, You’ve drank almost too much to walk,
hey daddy, it's me, you're little girl... I need to tell you something that will make you want to curl. I went to that party, it was right down the block, but I didn't bother telling you, I was distraught.
There is a hole in the ground that seems to call my name, It sinks six feet and is roughly three feet wide, And it calls my name. I ask who's there and try to keep a distance,
Mom, I’m sorry Your advice I did not take I got into the car, mom And now you’re heart is going to break My little sister was with me, mom She knew that it was wrong But I convinced her it was okay, mom
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