bully words verbal abuse

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Daddy Daughter Memories    You have good memories you have bad ones. But the ones that stick are bad ones. I have never understood why they do, but they do. 
I wish sometimes, That I could fly away. it's a pretty cliche thing to say, but every word I mean. I want people to be able to  grow hollow bones and scatter at the first sign of bad weather.  
Calling a quits with this game doesn't make you weak We live to die right? So why is it when someone moves out before their eviction notice they are frowned upon?
CreepFatLoserBipolarLonerStalkerLiarAnorexicSoGayA.D.DPoserNoFriendsFakeThese are the wordsThese are the words that are thrown around so carelessly in the halls of my schoolThese are the words
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