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There once was a girl who never spoke a word. Her eyes were sore and it showed But the pain in her wasn't sure, Whether to come out to play or let her enjoy her day.
I used to think that it was all about externalities, Do anything to fit in and don't get mama mad at me,  It didn't matter how I felt only how other people felt about me,
The brave never settle, can’t seem to rest. I know this, but I’m resting in a chair sipping the diluted “tea” I paid five dollars for
    It’s taken about five years to understand what exactly Love  Is,  Was,  And could be Let me begin the story of what once our love was  Laughter, Grace, Death, Beauty, Deep rooted Emotion 
His mood was short The transient feeling was impermanent But it became plentiful and copious He was now fragile and tenuous the uncertainty of this precariousness
  The girl:   Pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird, fly. Pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird, fly! Pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird, why?   Do you stay here?  
Today focus on you, focus on what you think about when you close your eyes for even a half a second.    Today experience life with the mentality that no one can possibly take your shine, your light, your soul.   
Dear God, You have the ability to do anything, know anything...correction everything As I smile on my first day of school you hear my every thought, When I step on the court for a game you feel every butterfly.
Reassurance. Keeping doubts at bay, Saving the last drops of hope, Melting the problems away.   Reassurance.
Pretend you're not hurt Even though deep down you are Inside you're dying 
He lets me know that I'll be alright, he sees my tears and holds me tight. eyes wide open yet im sleep, left alone to solemnly weep. scared of love because he'll probably leave and though its cold I'll plant my seed.
Crying in my room, overwhelmed by circumstances I can’t control Confessing my fears as my tears silently roll Standing before you with nothing to offer, Only broken pieces to lie at Your altar,
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