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  Walking the brightly lit halls of white walls and pastels. Past the family holding hands in the doorway. Past the woman looking frantically from face to face. As if she really knows what she’s looking for.
I am always thinking, always contemplating problems in life I always has a thought, an opinion, or something to say Never did I falter for an answer Then one day she walked in And her eyes met mine
What do you see when you look in my eyes? Can you see all the memories that I so strongly despise? So badly I wish that I could cry. Or even better, I wish I could get high.
I am naive,  I have everything. Being a youngin, Is not that horrendous. Growing up  Is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute.
OldNot this fleshMy Soul Longingfor something this lifethis formcannot give me Impossible to understandthe immense painof a stretch that will never reach
The monster. It always came back to me, haunting me. My own mother cruel as she has always been Pushed me closer to the monster.
When I was little I used to be angry at the world For letting the night sky Grow dark.   I was angry at them For taking away the stars
I cry I weep I dont sleep Night all alone Hiding in my phone Where am i Where did i go Do i run from myself Wont i leave me alone I am lost It is dark Will i come back
Staring out over the oceanThe sun's reflection burningSparkling off the Blue Man's hullCreates a sounding paradiseThat never seems to dull  
When someone you love is ripped from your armsOr how you realize what you are doing wrong in lifeIt's a single momentA second in timeThat the entire world seems to pauseJust for you
OnceThey loved usNowWe forget the very reason We thought so  OnceThey said they can't live without youNowThat's what they'd rather do
The creaturesThey singThe creaturesThey danceThe creaturesThey ringThe creaturesThey glance
They tell meDon't look backKeep your head highThings will get better They tell me, they tell meYou are a strong oneThe past is in the pastThings will get better
My friendship to you.Its a curious thing.We laugh and we talk.And sometimes we sing.
She paints the ocean Washed and faded memories Hiding a child's laughter in the bubbles of sea foam Happier times float longingly In her heavy, tired brushstrokes The reflection of a young sun, 
An old house upon the hill Sitting quietly, sitting still Dusty everywhere with dirty windows cracked Broken down shelves and old books stacked Moth-eaten rugs and rotted boards
My mother bought new dinner plates. I didn't think we needed new ones, They were five dollars, She said. I was against using the new plates. My heart was racing and
Yes, my love, it's been a while, Since I've seen your beautiful face. Yes, my love, it's been a while, But I'm going at my own pace. Yes, my love, it's been a while, Since I've heard every little sound
Dear Older Woman in the Grocery Store, I am your cashier. I scan your cookies, your cakes, your medications; I make polite conversation, delicately choosing my words As you delicately chose and scribbled each item
It hasn't been the worst or best year that I've seen. Tonight at 12 A.M., It will be the end of 2017. The year 2018 will soon be here.
Sometmes you're better off alone, Than to be with someone who isn't "home". They may feel like it when you're there, But hindsight is 20/20 in cleared air. Being alone isn't always being lonely, 
In the grass up on a hill Outside the city, I see you   Dear empty onion house Peeling and the feeling I get Unwrapping you For brighter insides, scrap the outsides  
My roommate moved out today. They decided to leave most of their things behind. Nothing was of much importance though, Well, except for their pillow. I put that away in that closet I never use.  
he smelled like books and cigarettes and the sad smile he wore was almost as loose as his shirt.   he smelled like beer and his dog Rocky
What perfect means to me Is no perfection at all. It means that you are clumsy, You are loud, You are quiet, You are graceful. It means that you are awkward, You are simple,
Let the sky clear with southern winds To push the soil across my dusty home Please, please do not bury these
 These tears streaming down my face?  They're for the hours I've spent pouring over books not soaking in information because my sleep depraved mind has lost its ability to absorb anything but the haunting melody of voices crying out give me rest.A
The sun rose and shone on my face through the window I threw myself out of bed and fixed my hair I walked up to my mirror and realized that I wasn't looking at my own reflection Her hair was a mess
Time changes us As we grow older We forget who We once were
Never thought I would be here on a tightrope  one side is new love the other old If I fall in the old  I have a chance to make it new again we are both damaged, perhaps it's time to revive us
I went away from all things I knew. I changed my view on life, paid attention to the little things. I learned to appreciate the small gestures made by strangers walking by.    I left
A valuable year soars by, Opportunities and experience it provides. Yet a greedy year glides by, Toxic relationships and people it hides.  
Years go by as they always do Some go fast, others slow, But never a year taken so long As this year's past. Changes occur as they always do. Some welcome, some not. Haircuts and new friends,
Packin bowls and all I smell is loud  My senses gotta be fucked Since when can I see sound? Dumbfound you have me  Bruh I'm Not so grounded can we 
As kids,We chose the penniesOver the dimes.We associated size with value. We didn't know that dimes are worth ten times as pennies. We thoughtIt's bigger It's worth more.As kids,
Each moment seemed just as unreal as the lastThings that were strange to me pastLeaves fell from the treesEyes searching each of the mysteries  Just when I thought things couldn’t changeI saw the same old palm treesThe trees that make me want to l
Wow this poem is old, I was 12.... (2009)    Who asked for peace At 12:00 in the chi? Or in harlem New York by their mouth? Who asked for peace When the Klu Klux Klan cries?
When her life consists of pain and doctor’s visits, Is it really a life? Or is it just an existence. I see the sorrow in her eyes as she tells me, “Don’t get old”
Sepia With water stains Yellowed paper Tied with thin string Black and white Photographs Taken years ago Smiles and stern Dispositions Peer out From a window
Make a noise and make it loud Be black and proud Young black men and young black women Make a noise and let your voice be heard And the world will see how strong we are Wear your hair long and wear it down
I had lead such a privileged life. I danced toe to toe with rich men everyday. They brought me expensive clothes that they thought would warm my soul. Their eyes tied in knots at the sight of me.
Its a creak in my bones that makes me shiver. How hard it is to get up I think. Was it always like this.   Was the sun always to bright,  to penetrating in my eyes.
O wait! Is it real? I am looking at the mirror, is it real? O my life, what did you from me steal? O wait! Is it real? My soul, my love, or even myself. What is in me real?
I remember the first thing I said to you. It went something like "Hi, I like to growl" geez I was so nervous to speak. I turned red as you brushed it off and askedmy name. It's Kat, no Ashley, it's 
Maybe it was just this year I suddenly became old. Old hit me with crying over Facebook videos in the middle of the night.
all write on the living and not much of the dead   on a garden of fully grown big, gigantic and enormous trees   trees of full green leaves are what is written about  
Don't let your guard down... Everyone is coming, hitting me left and right Fists of emotional fury, is there a way out?  How did i come in? There might be a key... but what do i have to pay to get it?
Back in grade school,
hollow eyes stare back   from old pictures on the wall  waiting to live again
I met a boy on the outskirts of campus, playing a game of frisbee.   his eyes shined like oceans shimmering in the very depths of the beauty in  the place mermaids call home.  
I'm constantly worrying about you. I know it bugs you when I'm like this and I don't mean to do it on purpose. I just can't help it. I worry that you're going to realize I'm not who you thought I was.
I once knew a boy who was sweet as could be He liked to laugh and play
This old house is alone Dark and damp Where there used to be sunshine Now is gloom   There are a lot of rooms Plenty of places to hide But you hear nor see any children Just the quiet
It's worse then being trapped in a burning building,
My pasty curves and structure hard you always held in high regard. You knew what buttons I liked pressed. In regalia you had me dressed.   Oh, what times we had together,
Their eyes weep
Here I am, sitting in the middle of  your house.   I notice the things you would 
O, little house.
We play simple games These days it's just simple From Monopoly to Candy Land And Scrabble, too Stratego, Risk, you name it We play simple games   We get older, and the games go away
My poetry is in the New Old Age   My words are that of the Victorian gents and beyond Whom I must thank For thine insperation   But my verses My meter My punctuation
Old Soul Who I am exactly is perplexing to say,
What sayeth thou o' wise confidant, You old self-Omni-potent fool; Believeth in the ways of the scholar yet thou hath cast out, All faith all reason for such frivolous worldly attires.
Ive never seen a women with hair so fair. Wrinkled skin but she wears Chanel. 92 with looks of 62. She's great. Warm Heart like her favorite blueberry muffin. Devastated by loneliness...
it's your long, gray braid that i love the most. a wisp of wisdom cascading down your back, never tangled, whispers hymns through all the madness. crumbs of noodles and rice spill from it while you walk,
My parents would always say,             “Time flew by.”
It's as if the illness of sanity was contagious,Spreading like wildfire through his body; catching fire on the fringes of his heart,Bright colors uttering his title: but the question arises, what is his name?
Bring me the sunset in a cup so I can drink it in. So it can saturate my darkened body with warmth.  So beauty can fight the ugly in me.
He first saw her from across the room and he knew in that moment he would be her groom with butterflies in his stomach he drew near but had no clue she too felt an exciting yet nervous fear
Time seems fluid.            You and I are just floating through. Time stretches on and on,             Until the day has ended               And the darkness is surrounding. The rising sun
I’ve come to realize, i’ve been living in my own lies. Fully submerged, head beneath the surface living my daily life without a purpose i was a hypocrite to my own speech “chin up buttercup” i’d always preach
Dear new me, with love always I pray that you never forget my days   My strengths, my weaknesses, all my mistakes
There are places one must go,
he sp
"You did this" I think this as I try to sleep my first night at my fourth foster home that year. I am ony six years old. As that night was not cold, my heart was chilling to my soul,
Beating. Thumping. The sound of a heavy heart, GUILTY! Running. Sprinting. Being chased by your consicence, SHAMEFUL! Hiding. Sneaking. Conceling the disgrace. LYING!
I just wanna go back Cause I feel like I’m in a trap I swear it felt like a heart attack Like I fell off track
The rhythm that moves you, The words that persuade, The feelings and emotions That make you afraid.   Let them all go, They have nowhere to hide, They might as well flow,
Stop struggling child, you are almost there,
What is it that makes a person so goddamned miserable? 
Its so hard to cling to the cliff that so effortless pulled you down Its so hard to have the hopes pulled from under your feet as swift as a rug Its so hard to love when love is dead
  Ripples drift across the surface of the old pond Small minnows dart between the gray rocks Fireflies play along the surface
Angel hands with long and nimble fingers Smoothed with age, paths of wisdom along pale skin They comfort and soothe
Save the newborn eyes So that the mind grows astonished
Don't want to forget the memories, but like the stars as they grow old, millions of years afar, they're disappearing, slowly, one by one.
My wings are controlled, By the ones who have created me, Am I not able to free myself, From this cage of security, Unable to fly, As freely as I want too, All I want to show,
It slowly crawls behind a person  Like a shadow in the early stages of life The few who leave early  do not get consumed by something so divine 
There is a time when morning, afternoon, evening, and night all blur together into what feels like a short six hours. It is when hours feel like munutes and years feel only as long as a few months.
Away, away I will not come back, remind me, yes remind me of sin and wrong remind me of why red so satisfied.   Confuse you? That is the point.
Fighting, it's all that they can stand to do. Crying silently, I ask myself why they constantly argue. It is not my mother and father that argue; for that has long past
I've never liked change too much Change brings risk Risk brands possibility Possibility boils expectation Expectation breeds disappointment   I've never liked change too much
Silence flows through the air oh so coldsitting there waiting a young man so old, asking for love
Babbling of the brook,
I return lack-lustered from the quarry, back busted. My wife’s over yonder folding
Every time I turn on the news, a family, a person, a life is bruised.
Steel rafts of ocean hands             Pearl into icy depths             Piercing through its smooth skin             Breaking the shocks of energy             Through thick blue
White is the color of cotton
  I feel like if I lean back far enough, I’ll see myself from behind.   
You carry me in your arms and rest me on your lap. I know I’m weighing you down and making your legs fall asleep, but you hold me there tightly.
My mind is wise but my heart is naive and my soul is worn and weary yet  my body is of a young girl   I don't even know how I'm so young but I'm so old.
As I aged It faded fast Although I wished It would last One foot forward One foot back Now memories are Of the past Piano, Forte Fast, Slow What I did was stop Instead of go
I can’t
And I lay my head on my soft pillow. Silence.Inhale, exhale. I focus on my breath.When my thoughts run off to a distant memory
Author's note: While Power Poetry covers a multitude of causes, I've noticed that there are two in particular that are largely avoided--elder care and death.
I was told to make my words count, But to what amount?  
From this distance, The outline of her is only visible. Time has made a small impact, But her coldness has caused the gap   I call her name, Only to see her respond to another.
Time has held a place in her mind But it moves too quickly now Love has found a place in her heart But it's too painful to bear anymore Happiness has linked with her soul But it never lasts forever
 You could hear her heels click as she walked.
Haven’t you ever wonderedwhat makes another shiver?The chills that go up and down their spineThey hold themselves together in a lonely embrace Haven’t you ever wondered,What makes another blush?When nothing would have caused itWouldn’t you like to
  Metamorphosis A change throughout time and age Parting ways with old   Onward to the life That you have always wanted Goodbye to the old   Different outlook
I met old age I stared it in the face   I saw the wrinkles the falters the loosenings and tightenings   I saw the laughlines the care-worn hands the thoughtful gleam  
I don't like to be ignored. Actually I HATE to be ignored. And fuck those of you who immediately think that I am an attention whore. I'm not, I just don't like to be ignored.
  Wisdom is rugged. Time wound back to youth and time spent. The salt of cuts and cracks of skin, Dark with age and learned.
dusty rags fall downat my feet swirl ash and dirt;brilliant white light
As I stand here speaking, Somewhere there are floorboards that are creaking. Under the foot of an aged man, Who shall regale you in the very tales of old.   Within his study, by the fire, he does sit,
A darkened heart meets one still white. Pious pride leaves you overcome, With the sense of feeling Not price of deed. Each piece is revenge tasting bittersweet Like chocolate
You look for new trees and cities, things of which you can call your ownNew places to photograph to not feel aloneThose digital pixels are simply not enoughYou dig up your old film to only find it feeling so rough
Old and wise Has loved and lost To help he tries Any, at any cost Old and wise Still needs love Searches the skies Carried on the wings of the dove
Old kids as an society will eventually take about 30 prescriptions pills, but as humans we suffer from greed. Our greed complains for more life, but to have had life is enough. Our greed stems from fear, the fear of being casket sharp and gray.
Questioning my little love The touch that lifts my fingerprints Nails extend into a point To grab towards a silent look And fasten on the bending lines When I’ve let you in
My enemy, my loved one, someone so close. Walked away and didn't turn back. The thoughts that traveled through my mind. Years later, introduced once again. The hatred that circulated through my blood,
The fish, the fish Beautiful at first So smart and intelligent He'll seduce you to come close But only for a moment The fish, the fish So handsome and lovely
I've seen those hands before In a different country far from here I've smelled that scent before But it's not like he's standing beside me Flashbacks through my senses
Can’t ____curl up You know ____you’ve grown old (cracking bones) ____when the fetal position ____hurts
You sit alone, not forgotten, but not wanted with scratches, stiff buttons, dusty old lens. You remember what it was like they watched the world through Your eyes There are no film, no batteries, or bulb to be found.
I felt the frost on my tongue, because I was growing young and the sun didn't shine from the words I spoke. I kissed a flower as I smelled a delicate perfume and walked in a cold garden among a cold world.
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