She's so far gone it's like she was never here

Just a hint of a glimpse of a what if,

What if they found some one else to call bitch, or to give black eyes and bruised lips

Sitting at the back of the class hoping they won't notice me 

High school and college is suppose to be the best times of our lives

But all I got to show is fake smiles and cut wrists


Now I'm trying to pick up the peices

But impossibilities are seeming reachless

Is there ever a point in when your life stops being a mess

Or is there a time when you have to stop out of distress


Every second it gets harder and harder

Every rumor

Every name

Every tear

Just building all the voices to end it all 

I just need all the pain to go away

I just can't take another day


She's broken

But you did it to her

Even though she never did anything to you

But she's proud to overcome your relentless tourture 

To be just another face in the crowd

instead of giving in and being another one deep in the ground



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