High Education

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Thirteen years spent in school, Working to receive a piece of paper and a handshake. Always focusing and following the rules, And near the end just trying to stay awake. That one piece of paper is the key,
Intelligence used to be a virtue, Ignorance used to hurt you, But in the past few decades the roles have reversed . . . I though about rhyming but now it's a free-verse,
Summer time left and died Forever gone But soon But soon it will be revived And be reborn into something new
Education is not a privilege and this nation cannot allow "education to be a luxury". “America!” I cry, “ You cannot afford to send another ghetto child to prison instead of college.
Beware Icarus your father warns, About you staying in the middle course, Don’t fly too high or you’ll soon learn about the dangers of the melting flare.
Everything I Need To Know Everything I need to know I learned in High School Get your homework done Don’t be a lame Say nothing Live, learn, laugh, love Learn what you can
I'm not one to do things upfront and outstanding. I'm shy, but I work hard. When I create and draw Inspiration from my friends and fans have stricken them with Awe
School of all sizes all for one purpose to engage to learn to pursue to lead to educate we are the generation made to lead the way with high education is the way
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