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You marked my flesh deeper than you know. Sank in your teeth devoured my soul. Numinous wreck I fell for your sin Left me tattered
Some might think you’re too small, some might think you’re too big, others will wish they could be like you  while others will think they should be like you. size has redefined our generations perspective on what 
Try not to let them see you sweat, or in your case, glisten. But if ever your heart is heavy, your face wet, I'm always here to listen. Not just willing, baby I'm insisting. Let me kiss away, the stress of every day. Been working all day?
The soft breeze, the natural air, it's amazing. It's like it's making love to me. Saying it loves me, and cuddling with me. While the windy noises puts me to sleep, giving me a comfortable feeling.
 There's this fine divine bottle of 1961 Bordeaux. Her curves would make the strongest man weak. From the silk feel of her hair to the soles of her feet,
It's 20 minutes to sunrise I'm watching the sun kiss every inch of your skin as it awakes from its slumber and peers through the window Skin that only God could have molded with red clay from the earth
He started with her legs.
Rising up like the sun before 7AM 
Setting over his shoulders right before the sixth hour hit
He took his head downtown and began his art as if he was telling her that he loved her canvas and he meant it
He moved his hand
Roses are Red, Daisys are Yellow, Violets are Blue, Auta is Black, She is fair Her hair, curly, When she flips it backwards, I feel this magnetic pull towards her.
Roses are red, a color reserved  for fire and passion, burning inside  when you kiss  my eager lips and that space  between my  shoulder blades that weaken my knees, 
The blue of the sky matches your eyes I glide around you, With pep and coyish glides The heat of your touch clouds my gaze And I yearn for that fog to stay I glide around you Red with craze
Her touch is a push and a pull, It'll have you losing your mind and at the same time heal your soul. A savage she is. She'll claw you like a piece of meat, While the beast in her kisses your lips.
  I am controlled by this Bryiana, What story has my face have told? Her very presence sends a chill of electricity down my spine
in his dreams she’s exposed
Stop...Pause...and Think... Theres some thing about a womans beng There something about the way she thinks The way she sees You can't tell me God isn't real Just look at these beautiful queens
At times, hands cannot express more than the heart. However, at others, the hands become merely tools of passion used on a lover. The hands are oft accompanied by other tools
Sistah Sistah! You better hold that head up high and never let that chin face the ground Don't give your enemies the satisfaction of seeing you down Sistah Sistah!
Let's introduce the world to a very sexy girl,  who lights the room up and likes to start a ruckus.
Here and there  Lip gloss on there lips   Toned body and curvy hips   They bend down   and i stare longer  than needed   I blush at my faux pas  All the things I coud do   to her 
At the roller-rink I was  skating like a total winky dinky dork  I could hardly  keep my balance  and boy was it a challenge  Finally I got the chance to sit  and watch the skaters with 
Isn't she beautiful? Tall, lean, full of youth. Full of confidence in her Blood red dress. No one knows her, But everyone wants to, Her past consumes her, Too much to bare as
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