making love

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Try not to let them see you sweat, or in your case, glisten. But if ever your heart is heavy, your face wet, I'm always here to listen. Not just willing, baby I'm insisting. Let me kiss away, the stress of every day. Been working all day?
You told me you weren't good with words, or writing poetry, But sweetheart, you don't need words to make poetry with me. 
Teasing me all day, driving me crazy in your special way. Now the anticipation is driving me crazy I can hardly wait. Finally the time has come for us to be as one. As I layhere in bed waiting for you,
You play me like a master.  Using dips and caresses to hear the staccato of breath from my lips.  Your name crescendoing as I reach my peak.  My body now shakes with the vibrato of the music our bodies made.   
I don't want to make love "just because".Or as you say, "do it".Reasons why I don't want to "do it".
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