heather caffey

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To be set freefrom this guilt, I couldn't helpbut cry for you Every day and nightfor I couldn't save you From the clutches of Death.I only want that to be rewinded
An expert in the foresta predator at best Bright orange against the deep greenlanguage narrowed to growls Sharp canines ready to eatSpeed and precision their friends
It hurts to be forgettenI try to supress the painbut it still doesn't work,so my other best option
The difference between you and meis that we were never meant to be,but you can't helppush that fact farther,and I can't helpbut try to be together forever.
Fierce they seem towards each otherThey are the most loyal of animals Always together like a familyNever traveling alone They depend on each other for survival
Being unique is no crimeIt just shows who you really are 'Different' people are people who truly understandthe meaning of this world Nobody is like anotherWhoever said we are
The breeze is gentle against the skinas it gets close to winter School starts, but that is the only downsideIt isn't too fierce or too scarce
Blazing heat cripples us to nothingWater is begged to be usedThe harsh sun so hot  
Love fulfills the air Excitment rushes the animals After pain and hardship, newborns are here Curiosity is our energy For Spring is full of happiness
Cold is the only word to describethe beauty of the ice snow. It's hand is wrapped around usfor only a few months White accompanies the stormsof this dreadful, beautiful time
What point is there in life when it's full of sadness and pain? Can people truly be happy and forget the pain that others seem to be in?
Don't run fromDon't lash out at somebody else Accept them as they areNever forget why they are there As sudden as they may beNo matter how hard we push them away
Laugh if you wantI wouldn't care if you knew me Hit me hardI deserve the hate and resentment Say mean thingsEven though not an ounce is true Break my heartIt is already broken beyond repair
Her father found herWide awake, not asleepIn her bed, curled up.So, he asked her,"What are you doing?"She turned to himAnd smiled brightly, saying,"I'm waiting for my wings."
The TV screen flickersShowing what I am so used toBut it's more horribleThan fun little pixelsThey are real peopleShedding real bloodFor a cause that's not so realI fret and worry
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