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If life is like a drum, I’ll beat out my own rhythm   I’ll add in my melody Come and sing it with me   Play my heart to the beat Make it sound very sweet  
What is difference? Why does society dislike the different? Who is to say what is differrent? No one is the same Yet, we all want to be like someone else No one is equal yet everyone is equal.
  7.046 billion people in the world 1,200 students at the average high school So many faces in the world So many people that are passed by   What would happen if there was a chain reaction?
You talk and talk,  you voice monotone,  most of the students sleeping  or not even paying attention.  Tell me,  does that make you a good teacher?  Do your students learns anything? 
Diversity: we are all different Diversity: we are all individual Without Diversity we’d be the same Everyone would like only vanilla ice cream
Tell me how you feel when the wind gets strong enough to blow you over. Why do I try? Taking in everything that's happened, How do I forget? It'll blow over and everything will seem fine,
World without hate Is one without fright One where the darkness Is diminished by the light   One where all people Are happy at peace And discrimination Has finally ceased  
It was a question that plagued me even in my dreams and begged for a reply Why haven’t we changed? Obscure, it seemed it was, when a stranger approached me
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