Feeling good

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It’s watching the crystal water stretch out until it touches the clear sky in North Carolina,
Her and him Him and her From different worlds but still collide A bond that overpowers all like yin and yang 
Sometimes, you know the days, You roll out of bed in a daze, Even the usual mornin' coffee  Doesn't really touch the haze.    Getting to class, you feel good, You forgot all the homework,
After a long day Exhaution creeps up on you Watch television 
It is never not there. For its beautiful glare, the sunrise of Nature's glory, is nothing but fair. Awaken to its light. Dear friends in sight. The planets surround it,
To stress is an important part of life, to stress means dedication and determination. To worry means that one would care. To stress about school, friends, and work seems like a blessing. Though, it does not feel like one.
Good Morning, cruel world! Because even though this world Is very cruel, I still wake up, I still live here, Don't I! I am determined to make a difference. Even though it may be a small one.
I'm shaken, I'm shaking but not from the thunder pretty soon then, my heart booms but not from the lightning The weather outside is nothing compared to the way I feel when anxious, hyper, and scared
Whenever I feel depressed, you may have guessed, I listen to music.   The beat lifts my spirit whenever my ears are near it, and the lyrics I connect with, though that could be a myth.  
Beauty. What is it? It is a flower or a tree,
Once I was a legend, Of getting all Cs straight. Teachers laughed, so did friends, Then came sister and mom. No spur I was down Of shame and jealousy Of stupidity and folly Abhorrent how I was.
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