life is good

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Do you ever miss a moment Before it's over? Or a person Before you leave them? Do you ever miss a place While you're still there? Or a feeling Before it's gone?
              Tomorrow will come and this day will be over This day that seemed ever so endless will end  The skies are getting darker  Tomorrow will come Today will be yesterday  tomorow 
Everything is awesome and I know that sounds trite because not everything is awesome, with war, famine, discrimination, and corruption shrouding our beautiful planet in a fog of evil so thick
I am flawless. I am not flawless because of the amount of money I own Nor am I flawless due to the color of my skin. The length of my hair does not make me flawless and neither do the clothes I wear.
life is good
Beauty. What is it? It is a flower or a tree,
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