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When I was a child I was told that I was black but not black black. I didn't quite fit into the pre-packaged, tick-one-only boxes society had for me. Which made it difficult when trying to find my place. 
America How could you? I trusted you, I believed  in you, And now with every passing day I weep As this once great nation is now in shambles.   How could we stray so far
What is great about america, is not the onslaught of people who peacefully protest and not the people who lost their lives for mistaken crimes, not the assumption of actions for race
Hello, my name is "Chinese" "Japanese" "Dirty knees" "Look at these" "Criss cross" "Apple sauce" "Do me a favor and get lost"  
Two cultures live within me
Look at me, what do you see? A picture of average nationality, American girls in picture books. Come here, come closer and take a look! All you see: brown hair, blue eyes, Coming in at five foot five!
Two parts of me Clash at each other Fighting to be the very best To win over the other The race to space Or battle of government From the White House to the Red Square Uncle Sam versus Mother Russia
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