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There once was a traveler from a distant land, She traveled to the mountains and the sand, One time she traveled to the furthest peak,
I met them in high school And there was something about them  Something weird and amazing The stories, Oh the stories that they have! Many of the places, people, and things that they have seen 
The traveler stopped for restthe sky a silver hue,the sun setting in the westthe waters, a dark blue.
She appears to be a frequent wanderer  At times it is hard to know her purpose and place  She embarks on an unfamiliar path constantly 
She traveled for days, in a maze with no direction destined for an escape from depression driven by disaffection By fate she felt a connection They ran until he was cuffed into oppression Later she had a baby on the way
Listen O' ye weary traveler To my tale of Love and Death. This life is a cruel mistress,
In the old world full of dust and bones a traveler short and tired  wandered into my home.   In his bag he carried books and trinkets that glistened and sparkled in my dirty home.
Hello, my name is "Chinese" "Japanese" "Dirty knees" "Look at these" "Criss cross" "Apple sauce" "Do me a favor and get lost"  
hatred seeps through the streets of the city anger at a wanderer who has done nothing but appear they hate his freedom and lack of care that they must remain bound to daily drugery
Mine eyes have seen the coming the comming of many things, But as things pass by my eyes they become many goings.   My feet know many back allies that have kept me off my trail.
The home of a traveler Is not really a home, But more of a way of life. The home can be furnished nicely With a chipper mood and a broad smile. The furniture is all in place 
 I'm the traveler of both time and space.....Always me just with a different face.......
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