Eric Garner

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The land of brave The land of the free The land to be. We stand here in awww as if we didn't vote for this change As if we didn't cast ballets agreeeing to the terms of this contract.
The year is 2015
America has caught a fever FIrst it took Oscar Then it stole Treyvon Next it was Jordan, then Kendrick then Odin Following were Raymond, Jonathan then Reinesha
These days, we hold gunsAt the ones we onceHeld our guns for.We give out freedomAs a broken promise.We don’t care
All I ask is to be respected, I will not be neglected, you're surprise of an uprise of people acting reckless, years of peace and protest why we still feel helpless, the leaders who promoted peace, became decease, now what does that sa
What would life be for me If I were born to another family How different could it really be? To be amongst the sea of poverty Rather then the throne of affluency How different would I see?
I find that I can’t breathe
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