The In Between's


United States
42° 29' 16.656" N, 95° 17' 21.6348" W

Elementary is the life
While Highschool is a game
Humans define your status as you slowly become mundane

By labels evil or benign
you either accept "I am a ___"
either way they'll tell you what they want
and how to fit in their ranks

Easy A, High GPA
Run the mile in a minute
If you can dunk like Michael Jordan
Youre way is already paid out isn't it?
In the back of the room, thats where I sit.
Ripped jeans on parade
While they talk about their cellphones, I slowly go insane
Girls like me dont get it for free
We have to take algebra twice
Unless you sport a ponytail
They'll just let you down real 'nice'.

A girl like me, 80's wannabe
Doesnt need a date
Alienated from the rest because I dont make the grade
Abstract in reality, I'm completely outside your box
I felt the fear of being one of them
So I blow them away, with my pen
Verbal threats of Hard knocks

Smudges from the ink, greasy hands from the oil
These things dont get college funded
So I have to work harder, on the double
I can change the oil in your car
But when I sit and stare at the desk
ACT says "You wont go far"
Thats the way it is I guessed

Jersey shore, Teen mom, and Big bang
Those things will now fill up your college bank
Push a stroller, get an A, watch snooki get icecream today
Warm a bottle full of sympathy, They all had babies so they get it for free.

Girls like me who havent mated
Scored the SAT
and think Reality's over rated
We dont stand out with jail free cards
We dont collect 200 at GO
"Reset" or "Restart"

If you take the pill
drink the beer
You become one with the hollowed times
Expects the handout while someone like me
can't sing or spit any ryhmes
Human is the creation divine or so their fabled God says
I guess theres no room for a girl like me
Who writes her own world with an erasable pen
Scored only 10 out of 16
I guess our government says everyone will make the rank
Everyone but me

They go get pregnant, get a free ride
Figure out cold fusion and
make basketballs fly
Losers like me dont get anything for free
all were left with is a whispered "I tried"
I guess I dont quite make the grade

But you can only be you
but no one tells you it's 'okay'.

I guess in life were the inbetweens, not at rock bottom
So no sympathies
But not at the top where all the stars glow
So we shoot for the moon
That's all we know


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