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Dang it all why does inspiration come at two oh three am?   I'm listening to the wind blow Grandma’s wooden wind chimes together to the  tickticktick 
Parents. I no longer view this word this way P4r3nT5. Now this is much better A mess of stuff that is put together to make it look, decent.  
Help! I did it again. I walked to the priest with my face reflecting pain. I said to him, “Priest, you are the modern quintessence of Cain!” “Priest, you are this society’s pain!”
It stings deep inside Though it reveals itself As righteous anger Or perhaps A blind fury Is more accurate Your blood roars With the urge To inflict pain Only later
I've tried evading the situation but I have bled for too long and I can no longer be strong My heart has called for a confrontation. The betrayal is quite tiresome
Isn't it strange how we can have so many friends, yet feel so alone? Isn't it strange how someone we know can become someone we knew?
All was in vain We knew it Our hearts have fractured But only I am pierced  by the shards Now words are exchanged You didn’t know how you spoke Through the emptiness of your eyes
The belief of who you were is as irrelevant as crayons to dog food,
Finally been thinking about all those thoughts in your head and those feelings that wouldn't come out? Sometimes you can't say it out loud,
I am a driver, halting at stop signs; only staying briefly at each one.  I am concentrated on a single mysterious destination. And perhaps I veer off the road  running into a stop sign and leaving a mark
People stand behind me Supporting me Cheering me on They're my closest friends In front of me Are my enemies I know they hate me Their faces filled with disgust
How could You? Maybe it was all in my head,  believing we were different, that'd we last longer. I see the way You look at her, it crushes me to watch. It's not me you watch.
The rods are all broken The curtains are torn The windows are cracked The floorboards are worn   So much time wasted Cleaning out dust You marched in with mud Hate and mistrust  
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