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"What is life?  It is the little shadow that runs across the  grass and loses itself in the sunset."  ~ Blackfoot Quote     Weekends at Gram Bessie’s below Wing Grade where Sweetwater Creek
Through the rolling waves of time, The core of existence has never altered nor refined. Starting with the first faint memories of a family dinner: White jasmine rice with a selected number of simple side dishes.
At age 12 I started my period. I was told “welcome to womanhood”.   At age 14 I worked at a pizza place. A 50 year old man came in and asked if he could order me.
Match strikes box Friction becomes flame Slowly, steadily The hand stretches to reach its goal.   1920s, New York A young woman,
Because I love you I whisper prayers To the smoke as it rises To the Heavens, To you. Because I love you I place this tobacco Upon the wet earth And ask that it give Some sign
Step one is to think statistically To believe that you are different and unable Boy, You are not superhumanYou are neither Jesus nor Michael Phelps, so don’t you dare swim More than fifteen meters in
"Hearts entangled, between the sheets Sheets of musical score as if no goalie we freely proceed to create Passing passions participating in the same games Right place, right times, We collide.
in white she was to be in in a different place   eighteen of the ninth month it was to be   white as an angel she was having papers of white   time took its time
My grandfather's hands tell a story
Beyond the shadowy, pitch-black night, A new morning's beacon begins to ignite, Now dawns a day in which you will see, The people's will has set them free.   For all I want to give this nation,
The white sandy beaches crash against the waves as if battling for the territory of land. The birds fly through the air sending signals of impending danger to their nearby relatives.
Do you remember the Mona Lisa smile? An “advanced” woman shooting for her own. Regardless of living husbandless and alone. Do you remember the Mona Lisa smile? Where is it was alright to pick up the phone and dial
I have a pair of shoes; they are my favorite pair. They are comfy on my feet, and go with me everywhere! They go with me to church; they go with me to school. They get lots of complements; people say your shoes how cool!
Every other summer we travel to Michigan The landscape's so open and calm The beauty of the tall hills of sand The beauty of the freshwater lake
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