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the people are protesting some michigan fool carried a  confederate flag in the street (doesn't he know it isn't his flag that is the flag of  my people we bled under that
An odeto the short lived snowflakethat took refugebetween my curlsthis morning. Fell from the skyinto the armsof my woolen beanie,bouncing offinto my hair.
Colorful fire crackling On dry Michigan wood Campfire smell filling my nose Arms wrap around me Holding me tight I hear little voices Singing songs of rolling hills And the taps on shoulders
Once upon a time on a hot summer day, the boys were being boys and the girls they played.Outside throwing frisbees, throwing footballs and the sound of jumping rope.A little black girl had a dry throat.As thirsty as can be she rushed in scurry lik
I've danced to these rhythms before. They've run in my ears through my neck down my spine curved through my fingertips as I mimicked the waves.   I've seen them before - my dear.
Live life without hindrance, please sir It is something taken for granted, all should have None of us truly do… not even you, do you defer? Might as well do it now, it is only gonna get worse  
I. i have this tendency to hide behind tall buildings. skyscrapers are home, but your lap is the most familiar place i will ever know.     II. when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb,
    A HISTORY teacher was suspended
Michigan is where we HAIL, and when you hear that please don’t bail We’re shaped like a mitten for a reason Winter is our longest season Michigan has rich history Now you know that is no mystery
Every other summer we travel to Michigan The landscape's so open and calm The beauty of the tall hills of sand The beauty of the freshwater lake
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