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Life with No words  did you actually think it didn't hurt  you bottle up everything that you want to blurt People flounce pass you not noticing but you, you are not focusing  so kind hearted, so naive 
Dear My Biggest Fear,   What are you? This question has been lurking in my mind for quite some time now, So I thought I'd just ask you upfront- what the hell are you?
  My hands were printed on the back of that glass But my view faded from that car window Don’t tell me about the notches on your belt though
I think I am strong Because I said I could be Because I have a 4.388 GPA Because I come from a loving home Because I hold a national title Because I work hard Because I want to be
Are you not entertained as I pace around in your parade Follow your rules and be stung by your commands Be swept up in fear by your threats and arrogance Not understand why you treat me if I do not feel pain
  The ticking time tricks all The music holds true our steady beat As we all produce our sounds How many beats per minute from all
The world is set on fire, it is a most brilliant blaze, let the flames flickering inspire awe and amaze.
Blind Ambition Keeps me wishin' I had someone like You   Orange burst of passion Purple mist
It's a raging battle inside of me  
Everyday I sit quietly Wishing to say Everything I've ever wanted But I can't seem to cave Yet with friends I'm so different Its crazy to see  How quiet and shy a person I can be
Don't look at me with hope.Don’t look at me with the shine of foreveror the gloss of happily ever after’s.Don’t touch me with the ghost of your lipsor the whisper of your fingertips.Not with the gasps
There is no greater testimony than the first bath a soldier takes after she’s just come home from a long war. The story you tell when this world expects you to stop speaking.  The moment you walk after you’ve just been paralyzed.
An empty canvas Is as pure as snow, And as white as the clouds   As time struggles on The canvas is yellowed and aged, It is torn and mangled,   The canvas is distraught,
To get away from the drama that just may consume me I write my hearts true desires the thickness of the pain layers upon layers have taken a painstaking toll on me writing takes the weight off my shoulders
The emptiness consumes you, filling your soul with darkness, you can't run fast enough, you can't hide well enough, Because it is inside you, forever.
  Why I write: I write to unleash desire Like many forbidden dreams, I write at night I write to control the beast who wishes to devour
I started writing to express the hurt that was wrapped, twisted, and concocted inside of me. It seemed to be the only way that I could fully open up and express where I actually wanted to be.
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