To Be Free

They tell you to smile to keep from crying
But what if you're tired of trying?
Trying to hold it in
Trying to fake a win
When you know very well that you've lost
What if you don't know what to do?
And what were once consequences is now a lost cause?
Those consequences have no bearings now
You'll do anything to get out
Anything to be free
To be free from he
He who harms after once pulling you in with his condescending charm
You'll do anything to be free from your mind
Free from the thoughts that destroy you over time
And causes you to become someone else
You feel so alone; you don't even have yourself
You just want to be free
You want to be able to live, love, and laugh with glee
You just want to be away
Away from today, tomorrow, and the next day
Away from the things that break your spirits down
Remember when your spirits used to be high?
No one could tell you anything
Your head was in the sky
You were once so...
So free
What happened to thee?


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