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I'm a broken man, living but barely hanging on to this ledge. I'm undead, heart still beating, but unfocused on this path ahead. I wish I could make admins, with all the tortue you put me in.
The sun is asleep and the moon is only half awake. My mind is blurry and my heart is half paced. Crickets are chirping in slow motion as I ascend into open space.
I love you you drive me mad I love you I hate this feeling But I love you more than I hate what you do You have my heart captured my soul Took my breath away
You bring out the psycho in me, the hot-tempered child in me sending me back 15 years to crying to only obtain cravings You bring out the psycho in me,
Here comes a feat of boots dressed in gold Clad in a uniform just as bold Keys wrapped in paper cloth Hands wrapped in gauze   Bloodshot eyes tinker chilled Yet he stays willed
He stared at the mirror untilhis reflection moved differentthus revealing his enemythis doppelganger hiddenbehind his dresser glass.He punched—shattered itscattering this entity into
My American psycho likes to kiss. My American psycho likes me to be his. My American psycho needs me to love him. My American psycho is so stupid.   He has a dark, dark soul.
Behind my smiles My good deeds My leadership My love for others Behind the eyes of those who look highest of me Who seek my guidence Behind all that i am I am paranoid
Well I've been sitting around lately
Screams can be heard the obliterate stares of those who don't have a clue do they really  do you   The bloody fingernails scrape the chalk board and the spine tingling sound
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