Alpha Pack

Hey you!

Yeah, you!






Are you the girl with the long hair,

The long-sleeved shirts and empty stare,

Who cuts herself 'cuz no one cares?

Wishing you could disappear?


Are you the stoner?

The one who feels like a loner?

Getting high, but feeling lower?

Wishing it was just all over?


Are you the perfect child?

Kind, courteous, meek and mild?

Another conformation to be filed?

Wishing you could just be wild?


Are you the suicidal one?

Drinking bleach, chased down by rum,

Disappointed when you see the sun,

Wanting for life to be done?


Maybe you're the 'slut?'

The one left dating the guy who's a butt.

Doing a different guy always because you don't know what

It'll take for true love to pick you up?


So maybe your life is shit.

You don't think you can handle it.

Ready to call it done and quit?

Well listen up, I'll make it quick...


I was once there too,

I was just like you.

I was ready to be through,

Tried suicide, but it fell through.

And I learned something I never know.

So now there's something I must do...

Something that I need to tell you...



Yes, you!







To me,

You're none of these.

All I can see,

Is that you're awesome.


You are alpha as fuck,

Stay that way.

Don't let others change you

With what they might say.

At night, look forward

To the next day,

Wake up, smile,

Look in the mirror for a while,

And say...

"I'm fucking awesome!"


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