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People change things happen We just werem't reay for one anotherOur lives each a different mess I loved you so much But yet it wasn't enough You were my first for everything And I would never change a thing about us Each moment we spent together W
I run to find him on the floor lying in a pool of his blood with cuts on his arms and legs slowly letting the life seep out i was too late he doesn't breathe why didn't i see what was happening
I'm writing this letter to you,
gently drifting alond with this cool winter breze  she stands as a statue sweater sleaves covering her flushed, frozen face tears turning to solid ice in her eyes before they could escape
They want me to become something I’m not. I’ve twisted and turned and bent over backwards in an attempt to fit into their box, But I simply cannot.   It’s never too late, To pass your class they say.
I remember the fire that licked at your heels, The taunts, the beatings, the pain, A wall that reached out with open arms, Breaking not only you But your potential, your dreams And everything that,
People Only human We make mistakes We mess up and try to fix it Only then do we realize That it's too late.  Too Late. We are people. People of a hope that binds us.
I think I may like this girl And I think she may like me too With her short curly hair That is ash blond and fair And her eyes as green As the sky is blue.   I think I’m in love with this girl
They say you only hurt the ones you love. I admit, its the truth. The very fiber of my being comes from you.
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